Monday, March 2, 2009


this is a huge update for me... since i never really update this thing. i guess i should start updating more huh?

here's part of a piece i was working on during fall08, i plan to revisit it when i can because there is much to be done. i'm only showing this first part because it's the only part that is completely done haha!

here's a piece i did for motion typography this term, about ocd and cleaning your house.
i also took out the ending for this one too, i plan on revisiting this by the end of this term to turn in.

these are storyboards i did for last weeks class, theme of reggae, although there really isn't much that indicates "music." i wanted it to feel more like reggae than to tell about it, or make it obvious by using cliche musical instruments or notes and stuff..

basis of concept is that the drum and bass beat of reggae imitate the heartbeat.

these are the spreads that i worked on for the magazine from TDS last term- WRAP: ALLURE. or.. wrap: amaze?

photography by michael flores
layout and type by jisook lee
illustration by claire kho


pumpkin pudding said...


E said...

WOW CLAIRE! YOU HAVE SO MUCH WORK! IM JEALOUS! i really like the second motion peice with the OCD CLEANING YOUR ROOM thing, especially the last part where the scrubbing thing goes back and forth! i kinda wish it was a little bit slower so i could see read it better, and plus i want to see the scrub part slower too cuz its so awesome! i really like your thought process--> cuz i would have never thought of the scrub thing.. so clever.

Eunshley said...

Great job on your motion type piece. You got me watching it like three times! Not because I wasn't able to get it the first time, but because you got some clever ideas behind it.
I loved the "nice and snug" and "scrub" parts! haha nice.

And the drum and bass imitating heartbeat board is just B-E-A-UTIFUL! :)

KING BEAR said...

Those magazine spreads look really good! I really like 2d drawings in combination with the 3d stuff, so fresh.

The room cleaning motion thing is really fun too! I think how you animated all the words is really clever. But some parts it goes a little fast I think, esp. parts that have a little more text, or maybe I'm just a slow reader. ):

Jonut said...

You're so cool. I'm proud.

pumpkin pudding said...

i want your baby

Jonut said...

She IS our baby